Cheltenham Township Neighborhood Watch

Neighbors getting to know their community...

Analyzing Crime Patterns

The following graph shows burglaries in areas surrounding Cheltenham, during the past few years.

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What about other crimes? Note, these crimes are in Philadelphia; but, Cheltenham bumps up against the border of Philadelphia. And, a lot of good data is available, thanks to the OpenDataPhilly program. We're trying to show you some visible patterns. Using modern computer "Statistical Analysis", the computer can actually identify these patterns much better.

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Mapped Philadelphia Crime Data for 2015

Raw Philadelphia Data for 2015

Philly Crime data from 2006 to 2015

Steering Committee

If you would like to be involved in the strategic direction of Cheltenham Watch, then, please consider joining the 'Steering Committee.'


Hear It, See It, Report It

Anonymous Tip Line

To quote Sgt. John Slavin of CHPD, if something doesn't feel right, report it immediately to the police.

Please note, you must tell the 911 dispatcher that you're located in Montgomery county.