Cheltenham Township Neighborhood Watch

Neighbors getting to know their community...

Cheltenham Watch is a progressive community watch organization. We aim to take a smart tactical approach, utilizing advances in machine learning and data analytics, to pinpoint developing crime problem areas. Then, through shared responsibility, engineer responsible solutions. Our goal is to get out in front of problems without compromising our community's freedoms or privacy.

Cheltenham Township is a home rule municipality bordering North Philadelphia in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, United States.

People in Cheltenham are friendly, smart and creative. Get to know your neighbors. Getting to know your neighbor is an important first step. We're friendly, and we'd like to hear from you. Please consider joining us.


Important Steps to Take

Step 1

You can make a difference. Join us by filling out the basic contact information by clicking on Join Us!

This is a community effort. But you're not obligated. As a first step, we'd just like to get people talking. There's no obligation.

Step 2

Review the two approaches to Neighborhood Watch:
  • Standard Approach

    • Get to know your neighbors. Interact with them often
    • Observe and appreciate your neighborhood
    • If something doesn't feel right, report it
    • Secure your car and home, remove valuables from sight
    • Get to know people in the Cheltenham Police Department

  • Progressive/Strategic Approach (See Patterns)

    • Clear political paths to access current, raw data, on local crimes
    • Leverage Machine Learning and Statistical Analysis to show and project crime trends
    • Talk to crime victims. Find ways to support them. Get detailed data
    • Follow up on all major crimes through the court process. Politically what can be improved?
    • Look for local, state and or federal funding for progressive ideas
    • Discuss and present at the monthly meetings potentially new technologies for protection and observation

Please note, the most important step you can take is getting to know your neighbors. Just being friendly builds important channels of communication. This communication will allow us to work together. Remember, Cheltenham is home to a diverse creative community.

Steering Committee

If you would like to be involved in the strategic direction of Cheltenham Watch, then, please consider joining the 'Steering Committee.'


Hear It, See It, Report It

Anonymous Tip Line

To quote Sgt. John Slavin of CHPD, if something doesn't feel right, report it immediately to the police.

Please note, you must tell the 911 dispatcher that you're located in Montgomery county.